Sustainability Procurement Policy

West Midlands Trains Limited (WMT) recognises its role to protect communities and the environment, past, present and future. Working with other key functions within the business and our key stakeholders we are committed to understanding and managing the environmental, economic and social impacts of our operations through the delivery of sustainable solutions. This policy seeks to embed the consideration of social, environmental and economic impacts as factors in decisions made by staff and our stakeholders.

WMT will strive to:

  • Encourage and engage supplier to develop a proactive approach to sustainability issues and deliver sustainable solutions.
  • Embed sustainability within tender documents by ensuring there are a proportionate part of the assessment criteria for significant impact procurements.
  • Use of local and regional businesses, small and medium sized enterprises to be part of our supply chain, where reasonably practicable.
  • Source fifteen percent (15%) of goods and services by value from SMEs and social enterprise companies.
  • Undertake sustainable procurement training and develop practical tools to increase knowledge and understating where practicable.
  • Consider and evaluate whole-life costs prior to purchase where appropriate.
  • Work with our suppliers to achieve zero safety incidents on all of the projects that WMT delivers.
  • Be ethical in our business practices in dealing with our supply chain.

WMT will expect our suppliers to work collaboratively and be supportive of our approach to continually improve performance through, the selection of sustainable products and solutions, innovative thinking, products, value engineering and the employment of best practice to meet WMT's objectives and targets.

This policy and our performance against it will be monitored and reviewed annually as part of our procurement management system.

Jan Chaudhry-van der Velde

Managing Director