Penalty fares

Don’t pay the penalty - get a valid ticket before you travel.

You’ll need a valid ticket or a Permit to Travel for your entire journey before you go, otherwise you could have to pay a penalty fare.

The amount of the Penalty Fare is £20 or twice the full single fare applicable, whichever is the greater to the next station stop. Plus the single fare applicable to your destination station if you continue your journey.

You could also pay a penalty if you:

  • Can't show an appropriate Railcard for a discounted ticket
  • Travel in a First Class carriage with a Standard Class ticket
  • Are traveling on a child rate ticket, but are 16 or over
  • Travel beyond the destination on your ticket

For more information download our Penalty Fares leaflet PDF

What to do if you receive a penalty fare

You have the option to pay your penalty fare on the spot. Alternatively you can choose to:

  • pay online:
  • send payment by post: IRCAS, Regus, Building 1000, Lakeside North Harbour, Western Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 3EZ
  • pay over the phone: 0870 067 9983

Payment must be made within 21 days of the date the penalty was issued.

If you were issued a penalty fare, and believe it was done so unfairly, you also have the right to appeal. If you wish to appeal against the Penalty Fare Notice you must do so in writing, within 21 days from the day following the date of issue.

Where to send your appeal

You can appeal online or send your appeal through the post. Unfortunately, appeals cannot be made over the phone.
Your appeal should include:
  • a copy of your Penalty Fare Notice
  • why you could not produce a valid ticket or authority to travel when requested
  • where you started your rail journey
  • the time and date you were travelling
  • any other information or document relevant to your appeal, i.e. tickets, railcard, Oyster record