Upgraded trains

During the course of this franchise our aim is to upgrade or replace every single train on the London Northwestern Railway network.

Customers between Northampton and London will be pleased to know that our class 319’s our oldest trains (33 years) will be retired when our brand-new Class 730’s are introduced. We’ll also be waving goodbye to our Class 350/2.

In the meantime, a majority of our Class 350 trains that remain in service are undergoing an interior refresh that will make them feel like-new again. You’ll notice:

  • New seat covers & carpets, giving it a very clean look & feel
  • Plug sockets & USB ports at every seat, so charge as you go and help yourself to the free WiFi
  • Digital screens in every carriage providing the latest train running information
350 upgraded interior

We hope you enjoy the upgrades we’re making to our trains, visit our New Trains section to read more about the new fleet coming down the line.