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We’ve got lots of flexible ticket options so you can travel when it’s right for you.

At a glance, there are 5 main ticket types, suitable for a range of needs – from cheapest price to total flexibility.

The key benefits of each ticket are in the Daily, Season, Combination (multi-modal) and More Ways to Save sections on this page with further links to the really detailed information for where it’s available and when you’re able to use it.

5 main
ticket types
Best for Refunds available Railcard discount available Travel on any train (unless train company is specified) Available to buy on the day or earlier
Advance Lowest prices Booked
times only
Up to 23:59
the day
before travel
Off-Peak Cheaper prices for avoiding
rush hours
Within Off-Peak times
Anytime Total flexibility - any time any day Minimum
fare applies
Flexi Season 8 days of travel in 28 days Select Railcards only
Season Travelling 5
times a week
Up to 14 days before the start date

Daily tickets


Advance tickets are the cheapest, available on longer journeys. Book early to avoid the rush!

  • fares from £3 one-way
  • book up to 12 weeks ahead
  • Book with confidence – make fee-free changes until 30 September 2022.

Find out more about Advance tickets

Passenger on the platform


Available throughout the day at quieter times, and cheaper than Anytime tickets.

  • weekends are entirely off-peak
  • no need to pre-book
  • avoid the rush hours

Find out more about Off-Peak tickets

Passengers taking a selfie on the train


Anytime train tickets are fully flexible tickets, for travel at any time of the day.

  • travel at any time
  • no need to pre-book
  • anytime and any train

Find out more about Anytime tickets

Season tickets

Ticket validators

Season tickets

For travel on the same route on a regular or daily basis.

  • Unlimited travel between the stations on your route
  • Weekly, monthly or annual tickets
  • Eligible for further discounts on leisure rail travel with Annual Gold Cards

Find out more about Season tickets

Group of students

Student Season tickets

For students who travel to school, college or university every day.

  • Save up to 50% on the usual season ticket price
  • No age restrictions
  • Valid for a whole academic term

Find out more about Student Season tickets

Flexi Season‌

Perfect for those who work a couple of times a week at peak time Monday to Friday.

  • 8 days of travel in 28 days
  • Anytime between two stations

Find out more about Flexi Season tickets

Combined bus, train and tram tickets

London Eye

London Travelcard

Unlimited travel on London's public transport network within London zones 1-6.

  • Unlimited travel at any time on bus, tube, tram, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Overground, Transport for London Rail and National Rail services in London
  • Travel any time of day, any day of the week around Central London

Find out more about London Travelcards.

Birmingham City Centre

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM)

nTrain and nNetwork tickets offer unlimited travel within TfWM zones.

  • Unlimited train, bus and tram travel within the West Midlands
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, 3 months, and annual tickets available

Find out more about TfWM tickets on the West Midlands Railway website

Passenger on the bus


Unlimited bus & tram travel around the urban area of a rail-served town or city

  • Unlimited bus and tram travel on most or all operator’s services
  • Hop on and off as much as you like
  • No peak restrictions

Find out more about PlusBus Tickets

More ways to save

Family enjoying the great outdoors

Ranger & Rovers

Perfect for those who want to explore a few places in a day, or over a few days.

  • Unlimited travel in a defined area for up to seven days
  • Hop on and off as much as you like within a certain area
  • Use 7 days a week, Monday-Friday is off-peak

Find out more about West Midlands Day Ranger & Heart of England Rover tickets

Kids travel for just £1

Enjoy a family day trip to London with our Off-Peak Family Travelcard.

  • Up to four kids travel for just £1 into London zones 1-6 with a full fare-paying adult
  • Unlimited off-peak travel on bus, tube, tram, DLR journeys around London
  • Valid on WMR and LNR services only

Find out more about Off-Peak Family Travelcard