Service disruptions

When things go wrong...

During disruption, we'll let you know what the situation is as quickly as we can. Listen out for on-board and station announcements, check customer information screens or use the Help Points at our stations.

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Journey alerts

Set up alerts to receive personalised information from National Rail Enquiries about your train service.

  • Get travel alerts by email, text and Twitter direct message
  • Email and Twitter alerts are free, text alerts cost 25p for each alert
  • You can set up alerts for journeys that include multiple train operators
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Planned improvement work

We publish a summary of the work we’ve got planned over the next few weeks, which may affect your journey.

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What we do when things go wrong...

Passenger Information During Disruption (PIDD) are the principles we work to to keep you informed when trains are disrupted. We want to be transparent with our customers, and we publish our own PIDD plan online. It details:

  • what we will do to keep you informed of problems affecting your journey.
  • who does what to get the train service back to normal, and
  • the expected standards that we are working to meet.

The plan is updated annually. The most recent revision was produced in December 2017 to reflect the change to our franchise. Our next annual review will be within 12 months, but may be sooner.

Part of the Rail Delivery Group PIDD Compliance Standards is monitored through a Train Company tracking document. We publish that online too, so you can see what we do to comply with the standards.

Download our Plans...

Our PIDD Delivery Plan - December 2019 (Version 10)

Approved Code of Practice - Provision of Customer Information (ATOC/ACOP/014)

How are we measured...

The rail industry wishes to understand better the extent to which each train operator is providing effective communications about disruption to their customers and what improvements might be made. Rail Delivery Group (RDG) undertakes research into how Train Companies are managing Passenger Information During Disruption.

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