Rangers & Rovers train tickets

Ranger & Rover tickets are perfect if you want to explore a few places in a day, or over a few days.

Even better, 16-25, Disabled Persons, Senior and Two Together Railcard discounts also apply, giving you a further 1/3 off your ticket price.

Our Rangers and Rovers tickets are available to purchase from a ticket office or, in cases where the ticket office is closed or there is no ticket office available, you can purchase your tickets from the senior conductor on board the train. You can turn up and buy them on the day or plan ahead and buy in advance.

West Midlands Day Ranger

West Midlands Day Ranger tickets give you unlimited travel within the the Ranger area.

Heart of England 7 day and 3 day Flexi Rover

Spend up to seven days exploring a range of places with just one ticket for one price.

Route maps

West Midlands Day Ranger

London Northwestern Railway Train Ticket Map

Heart of England Rover

London Northwestern Railway Train Ticket Rover Map

  • You can use these tickets on multiple train operators
  • They are available to buy from staffed stations
  • Travel after 09:00 Monday to Friday and any time at weekends and bank holidays
  • 7-day Rover tickets allow you to travel for seven consecutive days
  • 3-day Flexi Rover tickets allow you to travel for any three days within a seven day period