London Travelcards

Travel as much as you like on London's public transport

Travelcards (in the zones it's valid for) gives you unlimited travel at any time on bus, Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and National Rail services in London.

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Travelcards explained

  • Unlimited bus, Tube, DLR, tram, London Overground, TfL Rail and most National Rail services within London.
  • Available for one day in peak or off-peak variants, seven consecutive days or any period between one month and a year.
  • You can save 33% on the Thames Riverboats and 25% on the Emirates Air Line cable car with a Travelcard

Types of Travelcards

Travelcard seasons tickets

Regular commuters can choose from a seven-day, monthly, or annual travelcard, or one with their own start and end dates (any length between 1½ and 10½ months).

One Day Travelcard

One-Day Travelcards gives you travel to London Euston plus unlimited travel in Zones 1 – 6 for the day. Available in peak, off-peak and super off-peak variants. One Day Travelcard

  • Use for the date shown on the ticket and until 04:29 the following morning (Monday - Sunday).
  • Use this ticket to arrive in London after 10:00 (Monday-Friday), anytime on weekends or Bank Holidays right up until 04:29 the following morning.
  • An Off-Peak Family Travelcard​ allows up to four kids travel for just £1 each to London when accompanied by an adult.
  • Use this ticket for arrival in London after 13:00 (Monday-Saturday)
  • Travelling from London is not permitted between 16:00 and 19:00 (Monday-Saturday). On Saturdays customers travelling to stations between Nuneaton and Crewe can use the 1846 train from London
  • You can use anytime on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

How to buy Travelcards

Travelcards can be sold with an Anytime , Off-Peak , Super Off-Peak or Season (except Flexi Season) train ticket to London. You buy your Travelcards:

  • Online with our journey planner
  • App - download our app from Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Visit us at a staffed station, and our friendly team will help you out
  • At a 'self-service' ticket machine - available at many stations
  • Call us if you prefer on 0333 311 0006 - we can help you find the right price and train

Further information

If you already have a Travelcard (One Day or Season) or a 60+ Oyster Card or Freedom Pass, then when you book a ticket to a station outside your Travelcard’s area, you only need to pay the excess to or from the boundary station.

At the ticket office, these tickets are issued to or from the zonal boundary, which will show as, for example “Boundary Zone 6” on the ticket.

From self-service ticket machines, you can select a “Boundary Zone” origin or destination and the correct excess fare will be shown. To find Boundary Zone fares, please select ‘Tickets from another Station’ on the Home Screen.

The exceptions are journeys to or from stations north of Northampton, where Boundary Zone fares are not available, but fares from stations within each of the Boundary Zones are – see below.

On the LNR website or app, Boundary Zone tickets are not available, but you can easily buy the same ticket by using a boundary station instead. Simply enter the boundary station that corresponds to the outermost zone on your Travelcard as your origin station instead of London, if you are travellling away from London, If you are travelling towards London, enter the boundary station as your destination.

If you cannot find a Boundary Zone fare on a TVM, you can select a boundary station instead, as per the website guidance above.

The train does not need to stop at the boundary station for the combination of tickets to be valid.

Zone West Coast Main Line
2 Willesden Junction
3 Stonebridge Park
4 Kenton
5 Headstone Lane
6 Hatch End