Passenger's Charter

Our Passengers' Charter sets out our promises to you.

It shows you exactly what you can expect from us. And it reaffirms our commitment to working tirelessly for you in order that you get the railway and services that you deserve.

The Passenger's Charter contains details on how to contact us - for help, assistance, compliments or complaints. You’ll find information on all the different tickets available, where they can be purchased, and advice for those who are not sure what is the most appropriate ticket for their journey. There are details on how we’ll keep you up to speed with any changes – for example – during times of disruption.

We’ve also updated our compensation scheme called ‘Delay Repay’ and our Charter lets you know how to make a claim if your train is delayed by more than 15 minutes. And, if you’re interested in how we’re doing, we’ll let everyone know our performance and quality targets for the coming year. So, no excuses from us.

Copies of our Passenger’s Charter are available to passengers free of charge at each of our staffed stations or download a PDF version here.