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Monday, 20 December 2021
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Join our Customer Panel and make a difference.

In March 2021, we reached out to our Customer Panel members online to ask if they would be interested in being accompanied by one of our Senior Managers on one of their journeys.

Due to the restrictions at the time, the panellists had to be travelling under the essential travel restrictions. For those who said yes, we promised to listen to their thoughts, views, and suggestions to see how we could make positive changes.

We began holding the customer shadowed journeys in April this year, with follow up sessions involving volunteers who were particularly interested from an accessibility point of view as they were registered legally blind.

The outcomes

Since holding the accompanied journey and feedback sessions, we have listened and implemented a number of changes, including:

  • A review of the floor markings at Northampton ticket barriers, which were identified as being in the wrong place for those with visual impairments. This has since been rectified.
  • Improving signage for blue badge holders at Northampton’s car park.
  • Hand sanitiser being made available at Kings Norton railway station.
  • A new recruit joining our Stakeholder Equality Group to help improve accessibility across the network.

How can I join the Customer Panel?

If you want to provide genuine and constructive feedback, and you are someone who travels on our network, you would be more than welcome to join more than 3000 other Customer Panel members who are helping us build back better. All you need to do is apply!

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