What is the Online Safe Spaces tool?

Tuesday, 19 April 2022
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Seek help and advice discreetly when searching our website.

If you need help escaping domestic abuse or sexual violence, the Online Safe Spaces online tool – supported by UK SAYS NO MORE – can be your lifeline.

What is Online Safe Spaces?

The Online Safe Spaces tool is a widget (found at the bottom of our webpage) that links victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence to specialist support and information.

Online safe space widget example

It allows victims - whilst shopping for train tickets or researching a route – to discreetly access vital help whilst still being seen carrying out online tasks.

How does Online Safe Spaces work?

Follow these simple steps to access help:

  1. Click on any of the Online Safe Spaces widgets at the bottom of our webpages.
  2. Access information and support to help you escape domestic abuse.

If you are unexpectedly interrupted, the Online Safe Spaces page is very simple to leave - with no trace of you ever accessing the site in your internet browsing history.

Other helpful safety information

We are part of the Women’s Aid Rail to Refuge scheme which allows us to cover the cost of train tickets for women, men and children escaping domestic abuse travelling to refuge accommodation.

If you ever feel anxious when travelling, or need to speak to someone, there are different ways you can reach out for help. You can review our top travel safety tips pulled together by our own Revenue Protection and Security team online today.