Our Passenger Behaviour Guidelines

Wednesday, 15 January 2020
  • Your journey

At London Northwestern Railway we believe that it’s nicer to be nice, to each other and our team members. Check out our simple guide on how to make journeys more enjoyable for everyone.

Behaviour at stations can have a major influence on the type of journeys you and fellow passengers have, also how enjoyable our team members find their working environment. Believe it or not, in some instances bad behaviour can also affect the train times, causing delays that affect everyone’s day. Reading the guide below carefully will ensure that you will be a gold star passenger and that everyone across the railway has an enjoyable experience.

Guideline One: Oh so quiet...

Ever sat next to someone who has had their music playing out loud? It's never the greatest of experiences, especially when they're playing music you don't like! Now we're not saying sit in silence, we love music and conversation; you never know who you are going to meet on the train. But, being too loud can really disturb someone's journey, especially after a long day. So, all we are asking is that we all keep noise down to a minimum by popping in our headphones and talking a little quieter (especially in a big group).

Guideline Two: Seats are for bums!

All of our team members work extremely hard to keep the trains as tidy as possible and in the end, no one likes a muddy seat. Please help and others by keeping your size nines on the floor.

Guideline Three: Make room for others

We understand that trains are incredibly busy at peak times across the network. For this reason, our team members on the trains and at stations may kindly ask for you to move down the aisles to allow passengers to board the train safely. This allows more room for others to get on-board so we can help everyone get to where they need to be.

Guideline Four: Go on... bin it!

We are pretty sure many of us have heard our parents say, ‘your room looks like a pigsty’, no? Well, as we get older, we start to understand exactly why our parents said what they did. Nobody likes a messy workplace or travel experience. Our cleaning staff work really hard to help keep stations and trains as clean and tidy as possible. So, let’s stick our pop cans and crisp packets in the rubbish bins provided or take it with us.

Guideline Five: Keep the doorways clear

Many times we see passengers crowd near the train doors, but standing in front of the doors is not only obstructing those getting off the train, but it is also a health and safety hazard for everyone. At London Northwestern Railway we carry all types of people on our network; from tiny babies, the elderly, mothers to be, school children, passengers with additional needs, to business – people commuting to work. So, it is vital that we help create a safe environment for each other by allowing on-board passengers to exit the train first before trying to board the train in a safe manner.

Guideline Six: Walking is our preferred sport

Please no running, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, Segwaying or pogo sticking at our stations. Walking is our preferred sport. For your safety, other passengers’ safety and our team members safety, please walk and make sure you leave enough time to catch your train.

So, next time you are travelling with us, please set the right example, after all, it's nicer to be nice.