Not all heroes wear capes

Tuesday, 10 September 2019
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London Northwestern Railway Dispatcher, Scott Nickels, was presented with two certificates for his life-saving acts at work and has now been nominated to receive the ‘Outstanding Personal Contribution Award' at this year's National Rail Awards taking place on the 19th September 2019.

Scott Nickels is a London Euston Railway Dispatcher, but to others, he is also an unsung hero.

In July 2018, Scott’s first heroic act of service occurred when urgent assistance was required when a lady collapsed on the train. He immediately ran to the scene to assess the lady, recognising she was unresponsive, with no pulse. Scott quickly collected a defibrillator and returned to the lady to begin CPR, which continued until a pulse was regained. By the time the paramedics and a further ambulance crew had arrived the lady had recovered consciousness.

Scott was then granted his first award from the Royal Humane Society for his act of kindness, responsiveness, and bravery.

Scott Nickels with his two awards

The second award was appointed January this year, where Scott went the extra mile once again after saving a customer's life who had a severe open fracture on his leg.

The incident occurred when a gentleman had taken a nasty tumble to the ground and (due to being on blood thinning tablets) the accident was far worse than first expected.

Luckily, our team was on hand and rung an ambulance immediately whilst calming the gentleman until their arrival. However, Scott noticed that something was penetrating the gentleman's shin, where it became apparent that the injury was a compound fracture. Scott rapidly retrieved a first aid kit and took control of the whole situation by applying pressure to the wound until the paramedics arrived. It was this quick rational thinking that relieved the situation from easily becoming a lot more serious.

We now look forward to wishing Scott Nickels the very best of luck at this year’s National Rail Awards, taking place on 19th September 2019. Good luck!