Adopt a Station

The ‘Adopt a Station’ scheme enables individuals or groups to adopt their local railway station and contribute to its use and welfare.

Stations can become beacons of hope and revival for local communities and volunteer efforts can help restore their place as central to local life.

Our ‘Adopt a Station’ scheme enables individuals or groups to adopt their own local railway station and work with us as the Train Operating Company, playing an active role in reviving and enhancing their local Station.

Railway Station ‘volunteer’ activity provides a positive outlet for local energy to contribute to improving towns and villages and these community partnerships can be transformational for both economies and societies.

‘Friends of a Station’ come together to plant, paint, create, improve and promote and great friendships can be made with station staff, other volunteers and members of the wider community.

The rewards are evident in commuters and passengers’ responses and the visible upgrades which are uplifting to witness.

As a company we are committed to getting closer to the communities we serve as this will result in us building a better railway. We are aware that we are merely custodians of much-cherished national community assets and we want to work with local people to use stations and train services to reflect and enhance community pride and prosperity.

If you are interested in ‘adopting’ your local station and would like the Adopt A Station Start Up Pack, please email: [email protected]