Advance Tickets

Know when you want to travel? Why not plan ahead and take advantage of our cheapest fares, available on longer distance routes.

Advance fares now on sale for dates up to and including:

Booking Advance fares until Routes
Monday to Friday 13 December 2019 All
Saturday 07 December 2019 All
Sunday 01 December 2019 All

Last updated: 20/09/2019

Travelling by a different Train Company? Check the status of their timetables.

We are not currently open on Sunday 10 November or Sunday 08 December, as we are awaiting confirmation of the final details for amended services operating on these dates.

We currently intend to open additional services before Friday 27 September, or as soon as possible thereafter.

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Our best fares to London

  • Birmingham to London from £7.00
  • Coventry to London from £7.00
  • Northampton to London from £7.50
  • Lichfield to London from £8.00
  • Stafford to London from £8.00
  • Stoke-on-Trent to London from £9.00
  • Crewe to London from £9.00
  • Liverpool to London from £12.00

Our best fares to Birmingham

  • London to Birmingham from £7.00
  • Milton Keynes to Birmingham from £6.00
  • Liverpool to Birmingham from £9.50
  • Crewe to Birmingham from £7.00
  • Stafford to Birmingham from £11.70 (return)

Our best fares to Liverpool

  • Birmingham to Liverpool from £9.50
  • Coventry to Liverpool from £9.50
  • Wolverhampton to Liverpool from £9.50
  • Stafford to Liverpool from £9.00
  • Crewe to Liverpool from £11.90 (return)

  • Advance tickets are for single journeys, helping you mix and match with other single tickets to get the best price for your trip
  • You’ll need to travel on a specific train at a specific time
  • Railcard discounts apply, making it even cheaper
  • Advance First tickets are available for first class travel, but don’t worry if you can’t get one - at weekends you can upgrade on-board for just £15 return
  • Advance tickets are released every week, up to 12 weeks ahead
  • The earlier you book the more likely you’ll get the best deal, but it’s worth checking the night before - they’re available until 23.59 the day prior to travel
  • Advance tickets are limited, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • Online with our best fare finder - the easiest way to get the cheapest deal: buy now
  • Call us if you prefer on 0333 311 0006 - we can help you find the right price and train
  • App - download our app from Google Play or iTunes
  • Visit us at a staffed station, and our friendly team will help you out
  • Store mobile tickets on your device and present at station barriers and on-board. With e-tickets you’ll also get a PDF as a back up if you prefer to have something you can print
  • Collect pre-purchased tickets within 15 minutes from the self-service machines at the station - you’ll need your booking reference and a credit card
  • First class post - please allow five working days
  • Collect from a staffed ticket office with your booking reference and proof of identification

To make it easy and often cheaper for you, we work with other transport companies to provide connecting travel tickets; including:

  • London Travelcards - unlimited travel on the underground and bus services in around London for around £5 extra
  • Plusbus - unlimited bus and tram travel on participating operators
  • nNetwork - for unlimited travel within the Network West Midlands zones on rail, Metro and buses