Make the most of your Madame Tussauds visit

Monday, 22 April 2024

Under one roof are some of the biggest stars, influential historical figures and national treasures – which you can get up close and personal with. Take the ultimate selfies and walk amongst the celebs in this fun and quirky attraction with life-like wax sculptures.

Set across five floors are eight zones in the themes of the Impossible Festival, Award Party, The Royal Palace, Marvel Hall of Heroes, Star Wars, Culture, Sport and Film. Strike a pose, snap a selfie and learn about the life-like, accurately sized wax sculptures of world-famed celebrities, influential idols and historical legends. Hop on the Spirit of London ride, venture through the Skull Island jungle with King Kong, brave the Chamber of Horrors and step into the 4D Marvel Universe.

Marie Tussaud was a French artist from the 18th century who initially created wax sculptures of victims of the French Revolution. She learned her craft from renowned sculptor Philippe Curtius. After he passed away and left his collection of wax models to Marie, she opened a collection in London in 1835. Since then, the attraction took off and now there are 20 Madame Tussauds museums worldwide. In London, you’ll find over 250 figures on display containing some of Marie's oldest models.

The attraction is open every day between 10:00 and 15:00 or until 16:00 on the weekends. You can whizz around the place in 90 minutes, but it’s best to allow two to three hours to explore. Arriving as the doors open will give you the best chance to avoid crowds. Due to allocated booking slots, you shouldn’t be queuing for longer than 15 minutes to get in.

How much is Madame Tussauds?

It’s best to purchase Madame Tussauds tickets in advance online, which can be bought for £37 or at a discounted price if you travel by train.

Where is Madame Tussauds?

Hop on a train to London Euston and see the celebrities, icons, and legends. Madame Tussauds is located on: Marylebone Road, London, NW15LR.

Get your camera ready and pose with the lifelike wax figures at Madame Tussauds Museum. Here are the best bits to see during your visit.

Save the day with the superheroes

Fictional icons who fought mighty battles against evil villains are in the Marvel Hall of Heroes . Stare into the furious cricket ball-sized eyes of the giant Incredible Hulk who will tower over you at 4.5 metres. Crawl across the ceiling with Spider-Man in the upside-down illusion room. Eye up Iron Man’s high-tech rocket-powered suit and try your best power stance next to Captain Marvel.

Where: Marvel zone

Scare yourself silly in the Chamber of Horrors

In the Chamber of Horrors , you’ll hear real tales of notorious cold-blooded killers from the past 150 years who once roamed the streets of London. Personal items of these terrifying criminals are displayed here – like the Acid Bath Murderer’s suit and shoes and Mary Pearcey’s pram, which she used to transport the lifeless bodies of her victims.

Learn about the innocent lives taken by Jack the Ripper, The Kray Twins and Ruth Ellis – the last woman to be hanged in Britain. It’s advised that only visitors over the age of 16 should enter this terrifying attraction based on the dark realities of London’s past.

Where: Chamber of Horrors

Meet the royals

Curtsey or bow as you enter the royal palace, where you can get up close to life-like replicas of royalty. Get clued up on how to greet kings and queens throughout history with the correct etiquette with the immersive interactive screens. Learn fascinating facts, see a collection of regal artefacts and come face to face with exceptional individuals like the nation’s sweetheart, Princess Diana, Mo Farah MBE and Dame Judi Dench.

Where: Royals zone

Snap selfies with celebs

Walk the red carpet and mingle with A-list celebrities in the Awards Party area. Heart-throbs like Harry Styles, Deepika Padukone and Tom Hardy are among the mega-stars who you can take fun photos to see how good you would look together. You’ll feel fabulous surrounded by the stage-like lighting, realistic sets and glamorous VIPS.

Where: Awards Party zone

Sing with superstars

There’s no lineup like Madame Tussauds' guest list in the music zone. Reggae, rap and rock stars are some of the creative geniuses you’ll read about. Play the air guitar with Jimi Hendrix, look fierce next to Queen Beyonce and feel what it's like being a part of a girl band while hanging out with Little Mix. These glitz and glam centre stage stars will be wearing outfits you might recognise – inspired by music videos and performances during their fame.

Where: Music zone

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