Book Assisted Travel

Learn how we’re keeping you and our staff safe when providing assistance during the pandemic.

If you'd like assistance during your journey, we'll do everything we can to provide the help you need.

To make a Passenger Assist booking, including seat reservations with other train operators, please contact us by 10pm the day before your journey. If you are only travelling on our services, you can book with us up to 4 hours ahead for journeys on the same day.

Don’t forget you can always simply ‘turn up and go’ without booking, but you may choose to book in advance for peace of mind. We will do our best to help you on the day.

To book assistance please call the Passenger Assist team on 0800 024 8997 (Next Generation Text 18001 0800 024 8997) or fill out the form below.

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How we use your data
We hold your contact details and journey data in the Passenger Assist booking system for two years. We share your journey data with other Train Operating Companies and Network Rail - so we know you're looked after for the whole of your rail journey, even when you're not travelling on our trains. For more information about how we use your data see our Privacy Policy.