How busy is my train?

To help you decide which train to catch, we've been keeping an eye on how busy they are likely to be.

Not all of our trains have automatic passenger counting technology on board, so data is often collected manually. We will update this page when we become aware of changes.

Before using this tool, we advise passengers to refer to online journey planners or downloadable timetables to check the latest train times. Being based on recent data, this tool doesn’t take account of future events such as engineering works which may alter train times.

How busy do you expect my train to be?

Use the tool below to find out how busy your train usually is. Things can change though, so see How busy is my train today? by scrolling down for Live updates from the Information Team in our Control Centre.

Trains highlighted as busy have more than 50% people travelling, so you may have a more comfortable journey on a quieter service.

Last updated: 18 July 2022.

How busy is my train today?

How busy is my train key
Green means there are no problems to report.
Amber means it is getting busy some services may not call at all stations or queuing systems may be in place. Delay your journey if you can.
Red means it is very busy and some stations might close and long waits are likely. Delay your journey or find another route.
A yellow warning triangle means there’s major disruption and services will be significantly delayed. Please do not travel, you may not be able to complete your journey today. We’ll do all we can to avoid this.