Location of the Wheelchair Space on our Trains

All our trains are wheelchair accessible and have at least one wheelchair space.

Our existing Class 350 trains were designed to comply with RVAR. We recognise that our existing Class 350 units have no wheelchair accommodation in First Class.

The benefit of locating the universal accessible toilet by our designated wheelchair space in Standard Class is increased accessibility and ease of use for the widest range of customers, including mobility impaired customers and those with hidden impairments, particularly at very busy times.

First class accounts for 5% of our accommodation and is provided for our long distance trains only. It exists because there is a small number of passengers who prefer to pay a premium when travelling into our major cities in order to maximise the opportunity to get a seat on our busiest trains. London Northwestern Railway does not offer any additional services in First Class such as catering.

Where we offer free WiFi and entertainment, it is available in both First and Standard Class.

Disabled people are welcome on all our services. Customers who have a Disabled Persons Railcard and wish to sit in a seat in First Class can purchase discounted First Class tickets.

We are committed to making our trains inclusive and are working hard on a range of innovative initiatives which open up rail travel to everyone.