Mary Poppins London Walking Tour

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Mary Poppins London Walking Tour

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Grab your parroted umbrella and join the Mary Poppins Walking Tour of London for a jolly holiday where you trip the light fantastic. Explore on foot the magical fun packed walking tour of the film locations and inspirations in the City of London.

On the 2 hour Mary Poppins tour, you will see where Mary Poppins Returns was filmed. The tour includes scenes from the catchy and energetic “Trip a Little Light Fantastic”. As this is the sequel to the iconic Disney film “Mary Poppins” you will also visit the now famous corner steps where the bird lady sits.

She may not be there, but you can hum “Feed The Birds” to yourself and snap a few photos, too.

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Thursday, 31 December 2026


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February - December.
Sunday 14.00.
Subject to availability.

Tour times may vary. Please check website  for details.


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