New Electric Train Depot Development

Now these new, longer electric trains are being built and tested, we will need somewhere that will be big enough to keep them well maintained and clean. Here’s a bit more background on what is happening with our depot plans for these new trains:

The new trains are significantly enhancing our current electric fleet and although they are replacing some out of date trains, these trains will need depot locations to park, clean and maintain them.

Earlier this year the initial planning stages to develop the former Bescot freight yard in Wednesbury began. The location has been a rail site for almost 200 years and remains a strategic freight site, handling all the rail freight traffic around the West Midlands and accommodating the Traction Maintenance Depot (TMD).

The depot development is an essential part of our £1 billion investment programme, and the benefits of this change will make train services better by running more trains in the West Midlands and across the wider network.

The former freight yard at Bescot remains our preferred location for the fleet. We are continuing to develop and refine the plans we set out earlier this year, this also includes listening carefully to feedback from local people.

We are committed to a comprehensive plan of public engagement on the plans and back at the beginning of 2020 letters were sent to around 5,000 local people and a public meeting to outline the proposed idea took place in February 2020.

Once the plans have been further refined further engagement will take place.